Interlogix | Contained Siren Speakers

Interlogix produces both an indoor and outdoor self-contained siren speaker. The indoor MPI-36 Self-Contained Siren Speaker contains a heavy-duty mylar diaphragm speaker with a dependable 2-channel sire driver. The AS395 is a self-contained, outdoor siren in an attractive, tamper resistant enclosure. The housing is made of 3.5mm polycarbonate. All screws are rustproof and the PC board is potted in polyurethane to exclude humidity and eliminate corrosion problems. The built-in siren provides a loud audible signal (112db @ 10ft.). An add-on strobe blends smartly into the appearance while providing easily recognizable visual identification.


• Self-contained Siren and Housing

• Corrosion Resistant

• High Impact Plastic Enclosure

• Quality Tested Siren Driver Circuit